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Tip #329: 5 Tips For Setting And Achieving Goals

5 Tips For Setting And Achieving Goals

About this time each year, we start to see business leaders lose focus on all the goals they set for the new year. This happens because many sales leaders fail to put a plan in place for achieving them, believing that just having goals in mind is enough. But in reality, without actively striving to achieve your goals, you will never attain them.

Achieving Goals Puts Another Step Towards Success.

If you do not have a clear plan in place for what you want out of your career, how can you hope to achieve it? Sure, you could throw caution to the wind and see how far along you get shooting from the hip, but that leaves a whole lot up to chance and fate. However, having a structured set of goals like most experts and successful business leaders do provides the surest route to success. To that end, we have gathered the following five tips for setting and achieving goals to better aid your endeavors.

5 Tips For Setting And Achieving Goals:

Tip #1. Be Specific, And Set A Deadline: Vague and ambiguous goals are unattainable. While the goal of "bringing in more sales" is an admirable, it is also lacking specificity. Your goals need to be realistic and measurable, which means you need to be specific about your objectives. How do you intend to bring in more sales? What specific steps do you need to do to accomplish this? Once you establish specific goals, you need to assign them deadlines in order to ensure you see them through.

Tip #2. Develop A Plan Of Action: Even with specific goals, you still need to have a plan for achieving them. Goals are a lot like trips -- you cannot expect to reach your destination if you do not know what route to take. For goals, that means creating an outline or punch list that breaks down your goals into bite-sized, manageable steps easily integrated into your daily work life.

Tip #3. Review Goals Daily: Working with a team is one of the best resources available to you, even for achieving your goals. When team members read their goals to one another at production meetings, it helps foster a sense of team unity and support. Reviewing goals allows everyone to get on the same page as their follow team members, which helps employees work more efficiently.

Tip #4. Incorporate Goals Into Work Life: Attaining your goals is a process, one that is reached gradually. They will not fall into your lap already realized. Instead, you must find ways to blend your everyday workload with strategies and tactics designed to achieve your goals in a concerted effort that simultaneously advances progress on your goals and improves your productivity.

Tip #5. Be Prepared For Changes: Life throws you curveballs. This is a fact. Make peace with it and move on, because part of reaching your goals means being ready for those curveballs, being able to acclimate and being prepared to adjust your plan of action on the fly. Goals are rarely, if ever, reached without a hitch. Besides, adaptability is crucial in the business world.

Executive Summary: Everyone has goals, whether they realize it or not, but it is those who lay their goals out, study them, dissect them, that have the greatest chance at attaining their goals by means other than dumb luck. If you are ready to start setting and achieving realistic goals, begin by creating an outline of your specific goals. From there, draw up a plan of action that will get you to those goals and then blend your plan of action into your everyday work life. Within weeks, you will start seeing more goals realized and more success at your business.

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