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Tip #333: 5 Spring-Cleaning Tips For Any Business

5 Spring-Cleaning Tips For Any Business

Spring is a time of renewal. For most, that renewal comes in the form of that weekend-long clean-a-thon known as spring-cleaning. However, spring-cleaning is not limited to just homes. Smart business leaders can ride the momentum of spring-cleaning and springtime renewal to improve their businesses as well.

Spring-Cleaning Your Business Will Help Streamline Your Operation.

The drive to clean and reorganize in the wake of winter's passing is extremely useful for any business. Anything from desks and drawers to computers can benefit from a cleanup. All of this will help streamline your business operations and improve the work environment.

To help you implement spring-cleaning at your business, we developed the five tips below.

5 Spring-Cleaning Tips For Your Business:

Tip #1. Update Your Business Cards: If it has been a while since you last updated your business card, spring is a good time to tend to it. And not just your contact information, but the overall look of your business card too. A smart-looking business card is great for branding your business when you are at conferences, meetings and other networking events.

Tip #2. Give Your Office A New Look: People grow tired of with the same old same old. This is why people redecorate, paint their walls and buy new furniture. A simple change in layout can go a long way. For starters, try rearranging desks and furniture. If that's not enough, swap out old desks and tables for new furniture if your budget permits. You may even want to go as far as painting the office.

Tip #3. Organize Your Computer: Not unlike filing cabinets, computer files and folders can get over-cluttered and over-packed. If you find your desktop's wallpaper hidden behind a sea of random files and folders, it is probably time to organize. Take fifteen minutes one morning to declutter your computer files just as you would declutter and reorganize your desk at home. Be sure to delete old, unused documents, or store them on an external hard drive.

Tip #4. Freshen Up Your Company's Website: Website designs and content can quickly grow outdated, stagnant. Unfortunately, many businesspeople grow complacent with their websites, and leave them untouched for far too long. Try swapping out images (especially the homepage image), replacing outdated copy with something new and original and tightening up any wordiness, needless clutter or anything else that does not contribute to a streamlined website. Once done, send a press release to your entire database to announce your new look. Doing so will generate a lot of buzz, and even drive in sales.

Tip #5. Launch A New Marketing Initiative: Chances are some new idea or pet project for your business has been simmering on the backburner for some time now -- one that has been forgotten due to the shuffle of daily responsibilities and duties. Well, use the start of spring as an opportunity to invigorate your company by launching a new initiative. Having something fresh and new to develop and work on will galvanize your workforce, and come as a breath of fresh air to everyone at your business.

Executive Summary: Your business' appearance has a profound affect on not only its employees, but also its database of clients, prospects and referral sources. So take a serious look at your business cards, website, marketing collateral and design of your office. Why? Because the initial appearance you give is what everyone judges your business by. To keep your appearances fresh and up to date, use spring as a time of renewal for your business. And if you can't organize it on your own, it might prove cost-effective to hire someone who can organize your office for you. To locate someone in your local area, consult the national association of professional organizers.

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  1. Hmmm... it is also important that you do some household chores for your office. That way, your office will not only beautiful, you'll also be proud that it is a perfectly clean and safe place.

    Farica Lancher