Wednesday, July 18, 2012

E-Tip #396: 3 Tips to Creating A United Organization

At Dale Carnegie Training, we personally train, consult and present to 3,000+ businesses and people throughout the course of the year. It is not unusual for us to be told that an organization's executive team is difficult to approach during the course of a regular business day.

What is worse is that they often do not get involved with what is really happening in their organization, and many employees feel that their executive leaders are living on their own private island. If this is happening at your organization, do not rationalize this type of behavior as being acceptable, as it is slowly alienating "management" from the "workers." And if you have ever worked or seen someone work with the door closed more times than not, you know exactly what I am talking about.

To help you unite and develop a cohesive team within your organization, we listed below 3 tips to help you make this a reality. Although some of the content may be obvious to you, we do suggest that you print out this e-newsletter and reread it several times - and give a copy to your management team, too.

3 Tips To Help You Develop A United Front:

Tip #1: Running A Department, Division Or Business Is NOT A Game Of Solitaire - Often times, many leaders feel that they are alone when running their department, division or business; however, what separates a business from its competition has always been and will always be the people. Without the right core people to support and implement your strategic initiatives, your business will become static and not grow. So, as you navigate your business through its daily maze, you will see huge dividends by engaging your co-workers and employees.

Tip #2: Innovate Or Get Out Of Your Competition's Way - Today's buyers, whether they are a business or a consumer, want to work with an innovative organization. If you do not believe me, take a look at the auto industry. Better yet, take a closer look at Apple Computer. They went from a floundering business in the 90's to a world leader in technology - just take a look at their iPods and iPhones. They have literally put excitement into the minds of millions of buyers by innovating MP3 players and smart phones. Now look at your organization to see how you can innovate your product or services.

A recent survey revealed that close to 90% of all businesses are a "me-too" business in the mind's eye of many buyers. If you want to dominate your market, lead the charge in innovation by keeping people accountable for your strategic vision. Do not accept mediocre results from your staff. Innovation requires taking some risks. Let people take chances without them being worried about losing their jobs. Remember this: If everyone is thinking the same thing, then someone isn't thinking!

Tip #3: Get Yourself Involved - Whether it is your personal or professional life, you need to get involved. Between hobbies, charitable organizations, new clients or other departments within your company, you need to break through the everyday grind and channel your thoughts and energies into other areas (you can also make a lot of valuable contacts). You will find the greatest level of personal satisfaction is helping people become more successful.

Executive Summary: Creating a unified team is one of the biggest challenges facing executives, managers and supervisors. But if you focus your efforts on engaging people, getting their comments and innovating the things that you do, you will find the path to becoming even more successful the most rewarding path.

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