Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tip #413: How Does Your Customer Service Attitude Rate?

In today's internet-based world, it is important for your organization to continuously provide "GREAT" customer service - or a great first impression.

Have You Honestly (And Recently) Tested Your Customer Service Department?

It is important for you to listen to how your customer service representatives talk with a customer (or potential customers).

Although this sounds obvious, many leaders choose not to listen to their interaction with customers - which is a grave mistake. Typically, they only look at how many calls per hour they received and how many rings it takes someone to answer a call. Why? Because it is easy to measure; however, great customer service starts with a smile. Not with how many rings it takes to answer the phone (although this is a very important metric).   

Your Organization's Attitude Shows On Every Customer Service Call.

As a business leader, let us ask you this: "What attitude do you want to show a customer or prospective new customer?" The answer should be obvious to you. Attitudes, both positive and negative, are contagious. Make sure yours is worth catching.

8 Skill Sets Of A Great Customer Service Representative:

#1. Adaptability: Great customer service reps are open-minded and demonstrate flexibility when faced with changes and challenges at the office. They are flexible when unexpected changes occur and look at the positive aspects of the future.

#2. Attitude: Great customer service reps maintain a friendly, positive and enthusiastic outlook no matter how negative a customer acts.

#3. Communication: Great customer service reps practice active listening skills complemented with strong oral and written communication skills.

#4. Customer Experience: Great customer service reps leverage positive experiences to create customer loyalty and long-term relationships.

#5. External Awareness: Great customer service reps see things from multiple points of view and become advocates for the customer while maintaining a balance of what is best for the company. 
#6. Influence: Great customer service reps consistently direct situations and inspire internal and external contacts for an all-win situation.

#7. Interpersonal Skills: Great customer service reps display a consistent ability to build solid relationships inside and outside the organization. They also know how to change a negative customer into an advocate for the organization.     

#8. Stress Management: Great customer service reps differentiate between positive and negative stress in order to maintain a balanced attitude.
Executive Summary. The foundation of creating an immensely positive customer service culture is to 1.) Understand and manage everyone's expectation(s) 2.) Go the extra mile without prompting and 3.) Be an advocate for the customer.

A great customer service rep also identifies the right decisions when talking with a customer who needs help. Lastly, an ideal customer service rep can communicate which processes should be improved or changed when talking with the executive management team

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