Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#436: 6 Components To Creating An Effective Team

After working with different teams, have you ever wondered why some teams complete goals efficiently and successfully while others fail? When components are missing, a team can end up elongating a process instead of completing a task. While every team is different, is it possible that there is a magic recipe for success?

The 6 Components Of Effective Teams:

1. Active Team Members: Your team will not function effectively unless each team member is willing to put in an effort. You need team members who are proactive and understanding of their own parts in the larger process.

2. Demonstrated Leadership: If one or more team members demonstrate leadership qualities, you can delegate duties to them (and simply supervise the team). And as you can imagine, this is a more efficient use of a leader's time. Additionally, a good leader will:

  • Inspire the best work performance from others.
  • Describe and communicate visions and goals (clearly and often).

3. Integrity: An effective team is guided by an overarching sense of values. Completing work with integrity means sticking to the company guidelines and mission statement. Workers with a strong sense of integrity do more than simply avoid rule-breaking practices; they ensure the highest quality on all work presented. Examples of this include:

  • Double checking all work before turning it in.
  • Sharing processes with their coworkers.

4. Goal-Oriented Thinking: To succeed, a team must be able to keep a goal in mind. Future-oriented team members can visualize how their work efforts will create a better future. This type of thinking really galvanizes a team, resulting in a higher level of focus and an emphasis on teamwork.

5. Enthusiasm: Teams always work more efficiently when they are not bogged down by negativity. Successful teams consist of members who maintain realistic perspectives while tackling all problems with enthusiasm and positive attitudes. Keep the FUN in doing business.

6. Ability To Connect: The ability to work well with others is an asset to any team. When team members aren't buried in interpersonal conflicts, they focus on achieving goals. Workers who demonstrate this quality can:

  • Work well with someone even though personalities clash.
  • See diversity as an asset.
  • Maintain positive relationships.
  • Include the entire team in success.

Executive Summary: Does your team possess these essential qualities? If not, a good leader will work diligently to make a team work together in unison. Additionally, solving problems effectively and efficiently in a team environment requires a number of conditions to be met: Experience, attitude, willingness and motivation. But most importantly, valid coordination.
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