Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tip #478: 4 Steps To Help You Better Manage Your Team

Whether or not you own your own business or are a senior level executive or a team member at your organization, we listed below four steps to help you become a better leader. 

Step 1: Develop A Vision Of Where You Want To Go.

It's imperative for you to decide where you want to go and what you want your team to accomplish. Invest in some time to think seriously about this, and actually write down a few key items that will help you focus on your vision. If you need help, we suggest the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. The secret of how to set goals and outcomes can be found on pages 16-18.

Click here to read a short snippet from Think and Grow Rich

Step 2: Implementing Your Vision For Your Team?

After you figure out where you are going and what you want to do, you need to look at whether your organization has the resources to support your objective(s).  Sure, it is easy to engage a vision if the resources are there, but what happens if they are unavailable?  You may need to modify the timelines on order to meet your goals, or you may need to get creative about how to get the resources now or in the future. 

Step 3: Getting New Resources?

After securing your resources, it is critical for you to tell everyone involved with your vision what your expectations are.  This could be other departments, divisions and, yes, even vendors.  What else makes sense to do?  Create a chart for people to see who is responsible for what components of your vision.  This is easily done via an organizational chart.

Step 4: Be Focused On Your Organizational Skills.

Research has shown that you cannot be an effective leader or manager unless you are reasonably well organized. If you are not, you might get the results you are looking for but not in the most efficient way.  By this, we mean that you might waste too much material, exceed budgets set for your task at hand or spend excessive dollars on overtime.  Whatever the case may be for you and your business, it pays huge benefits when you are organized.

Executive Summary: To manage effectively, you need to get in sync with your goals, resources and organizational skills right from the start.  It also means putting a little trust in people to do the right things independently and allowing them the ability to grow beyond their current skills.  Do this and you will be on the right track.  

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