Monday, January 24, 2011

5 Tips For Maintaining A Positive Attitude At Work

Positive Attitude In The Workplace Improves All Aspects Of Work.

Very little, if anything, is gained out of negativity. Conversely, a positive attitude can improve all aspects of your work life. Those who display and maintain a positive attitude tend to see career success, a reduction in stress, tend to be healthier, more motivated and enjoy stronger interpersonal relations -- not just in the workplace, but also in life.

5 Tips For Maintaining A Positive Attitude At Work:

Tip #1. Be A Team Player: To put it simply, roll with the punches. Part of being a team player is shouldering assignments or work you do not find enjoyable, but are necessary for the greater good of the team and your company. The key is to recognize that greater good and your part in making it happen instead of focusing only on the inconvenience to you.

Tip #2. Avoid Complaining: Complaining is just about the biggest waste of time and energy out there. Every second spent complaining is a second that could be spent improving. Besides, no one likes a complainer. If you have an issue, think of a solution before you bring it up in discussion. You will feel better for taking initiative and others will be glad you didn't just turn to them for the solution.

Tip #3. Turn Problems Into Opportunities: When faced with a problem, take the "glass half full" approach. Problems are inevitable, especially in the workplace. So brace for impact and focus on the good that can come out of solving a problem -- what you can learn by challenging the problem and how you can improve your work life through its solution.

Tip #4. Focus On The Good, Not The Bad: It's easy to ignore the good and focus on the bad because the good is what we want, where the bad sticks out more since it is unwanted. Try making a list of all that you enjoy about your job and your work environment. Then consult this list on a regular basis to help remind yourself that the good typically far outweighs the bad.

Tip #5. Stay Healthy And Well Rested: The human body is a machine, no different from a car. It needs to be maintained properly in order to run well. You would be amazed at how much of an influence poor diet and lack of exercise has on your attitude. Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and finding a slice of time to exercise will go a long way in improving your attitude and outlook, which in turn will improve your work life.

Executive Summary: For some people, maintaining a positive attitude comes naturally. For others, however, it requires a bit of conscious effort. Every job has dull aspects, responsibilities that contribute to the grind. The trick is to recognize what those dull aspects mean for the big picture. Furthermore, by taking good care of yourself, both body and mind, and striving to focus on the good, you will find your work -- and home -- life drastically improve.


  1. This one is probably the easiest way to have a positive attitude in the workplace. To create a positive energy in the office around you, have some positive attitude quotes pasted on the walls. Positive quotes are really great stress relievers. Reading them again and again will inspire you to be enthusiastic about your work and maybe even life overall.

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