Monday, January 10, 2011

6 Simple Tips For Remembering Names

Part of everyday business life is maintaining relationships between the various people with whom you interact. Naturally, this requires being able to keep track of names. If not, it can be extremely embarrassing for you.

A Lot Of People Aren't Great With Remembering Names.

Just because you don't have an ear for remembering someone's name doesn't mean you cannot develop this skill on your own. By following the six tips below, you will gain the extra edge when recalling someone's name.

6 Simple Tips For Remembering Names:

Tip #1. Listen Carefully: The first step to remembering a name is to absorb its pronunciation like a sponge. If you didn't hear someone introduce themselves clearly, ask that they repeat their name for you. Don't go beyond introductions until you know someone's full name and can pronounce it.

Tip #2. Repeat Their Name: Repetition is one of the foundations of learning. Fortunately, in conversation, there are plenty of opportunities to repeat someone's name. Not only will this help you maintain their attention through focused communication, but the repetition will also aid in helping you remember their name.

Tip #3. Use Visual Cues: Everyone tends to have a striking characteristic about them, one that you can use to help remember their name. Hair color, tone of voice, style of clothing, all of these make good visual cues. After all, 65% of people are visual learners. Once you have a mental picture associated with their name, recalling it later will come more swiftly because you have more than one device helping you.

Tip #4. Make An Association: In addition to visual cues related to the person, try associating their name with something more exaggerated -- a famous person with the same name, perhaps, or a fictional character. It doesn't really matter what you use, so long as what you choose effectively triggers recall of a person's name.

Tip #5. Write It Down: This is especially useful for phone conversations. After someone introduces themselves, jot their name on a scrap of paper and leave it within sight. Between hearing, speaking and writing the name, you stand a much better chance at locking it down in your memory. Plus, if you do forget, the name is right there in front of you.

Tip #6. Employ Mnemonic Devices: This is just about the oldest trick in the book. In fact, I have an associate whose last name is "Fallavollita." Since he knows that his last name is a challenge for people to say let alone remember, he tells everyone he meets to think of the game "Follow the Leader." Yes, it's that simple.

Executive Summary: Remembering names is far more a learned behavior than a natural talent. Once you get started practicing these tips on a daily basis, you will find yourself more comfortable when introduced to new people. In turn, you will see improvements in your professional and even personal lives. Also, keep in mind that most of these tips can be employed simultaneously, which increases your chances of remembering a name. So mix and match to see which techniques work best for you.

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