Thursday, May 31, 2012

E-Tip #386: 5 Tips for Establishing Sales Credibility

Establishing your sales credibility from the beginning of the sales process is an important component in the sales process. Sure, you can discuss how your product or service will benefit a potential buyer, but there is a lot more that needs to be done in order to make the sale successful. Below are 5 tips for establishing better sales credibility with a client, prospect or referral source.

Tip #1: Ask Questions and Listen Attentively To Their Answer - When you are asking a question during the sales process, look the person in the eye when they answer it. Stay focused and do not get distracted by art on the wall, people walking by or the view out of the window. The buyer may negatively perceive your distraction and think that you do not have their best interest in mind. While speaking with the potential buyer, it is important to listen to their company's needs and wants.

Tips #2: Focus On The Benefits - Focus on the advantages your organization can offer and on how they will directly benefit their company. Be as specific as possible, and tie the benefits back to the company's needs and wants. Steer away from the temptation to talk about features with no benefits.

Tip #3: Tell Success Stories - Give results on how other clients have benefited from your work. Use visual aids like charts when possible and even testimonial letters. You may even want to call a current client while at the prospect's office in order to give them some immediate feedback on your company's record of accomplishments.

Tip #4: Relate Success Back To Their Organization - Suggest to the potential buyer that similar benefits can also be achieved within their organization if they take advantage of your offer. Show them what the ROI will be on the project by using a model with financial data they supply to you.

Tip #5: Ask For The Sale - Asking for the sale can be difficult for some sales people; but when you do, it is a great time to discover and overcome any objections the buyer may have. Keep your questions open-ended to avoid a "no" response. Be prepared to motivate the buyer by offering something to overcome an objection (discounted price, addition services, etc.). Know when to back-off the sales pressure, so you do not lose your credibility.

Executive Summary: Remember, your sales credibility can make or break a sale. It is important to keep your focus on your target audience by keeping your presentation tailored to the needs of their company, highlighting how your business can benefit them and establishing trust. Also, do not be afraid to brag about your company's accomplishments, but be sure to have an outside source, like a current client, validate your claims. Finally, ask for the sale, and address/solve any barriers or objections that the buyer may have. View yourself the way others see you when you make your presentations. Ask yourself, "Would I buy from me?" Hopefully, your answer is an astounding "yes."

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