Thursday, May 31, 2012

E-Tip #393: 5 Secrets To Be Successful In Business

Successful business professionals share common work principles - principles that help place them in the top 5% of their industry. Understanding these common work principles can and will boost your success no matter what field you are in.

5 Secrets Every Business Professional Needs To Know:

Tip #1: Focus On Service - Customer service is critically important to successful business professionals. They respond to clients, whether they are external or internal, in a timely manner and exceed their expectations. In addition, they perform follow-up customer satisfaction surveys to make sure that their customer service is exceptional.

Tip #2: Build Strong Relationships (Internal And External) - Building strong business relationships in and out of your organization is the strength of any successful professional. Developing meaningful and long-lasting relationships will help retain existing clients - clients that become valuable referral sources.

Tip #3: Always Look Ahead - The business landscape has changed dramatically in the past 5 years. Recognizing how an industry is changing and growing keeps the successful business professional ahead of the game. Although you want to embrace technology to streamline your processes, do not forget the personal touch when doing things. Remember, people do business with people.

Tip #4: Take Advantage Of Today's Technology - The successful business professional knows how to apply the latest technology in order to increase efficiency and productivity. This can include smart phone for instant e-mail responses, call forwarding features on your phone, having the newest laptop computer and the use of the latest software programs - technology to help people stay connected, so professionals can work faster and smarter.

Tip #5: Make More "Oh, By The Way" Calls - Sending out a letter or a one-off e-mail to a client, past client or prospect just does not cut it anymore, for people are doing more work with fewer resources.  If you want to become more successful in sales, it is important to follow-up with an "Oh, by the way" call.  What is an "Oh, by the way" call?  It is a follow-up call that opens up with saying, "Oh, by the way, did you get my letter on x, y and z?" This is a great way to get the person talking about things from their end and to possibly generate a sales opportunity.

Executive Summary: Follow these 5 tips and you will also be at the top of your field. Remember, good customer service, whether it is exceeding expectations, promptly responding to clients or a personal touch to communications, can take you straight to the top of your industry. Also, be aware of the changes in your industry and make use of the latest technologies in order to increase efficiency and productive. Lastly, do not forget to make the "Oh, by the way" calls after a marketing campaign has been sent out.

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