Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tip # 409: How to Increase Your Management Productivity (part 1 of 2)

Throughout the years, we have talked about ways to improve management techniques.

This week's e-tip aims to provide a good foundation for helping you gain and reinforce the basics of how a great manager increases productivity in the workplace.

3 Tips To Help Increase Your Management Productivity (Part 1 Of 2): 

Tip #1: Focus On The Two Sides Of Management. Recognize that being a good manager is both an art and a science. The art is involves developing team members so that they work most effectively. The science is consists of instilling the 4 basic fundamentals in your daily professional life: Plan, Organize, Direct and Monitor.

Tip #2: Increase The Productivity Of Your Staff. Imagine you are a COO of production. You have 10 workers who can output 5 units per hour. If you assign a manager to assume responsibility for the output of the team and your team still produce 5 units per hour, you will see a lose due to the added labor costs. However, if the team produces 8 units per hour with the help of a manger, your manager will have added tremendous value. Remember, a good manager will streamline processes, motivate employees and increase team productivity.

Tip #3. Develop A Plan. Being a good manager begins with proper planning - and the right planning saves countless time and money. Without a plan, your efficiency will suffer. Your successes and performances will also lack consistency.

When you create goals or find them assigned to you, you first need to determine what you need to accomplish them. What happens if you do not have all the needed resources? What are your alternatives if that is the case?  That said, it would be prudent to address many of these concerns before starting a new goal or project.

As a leader, the proper planning of resources comes from reviewing everyone's strengths and weaknesses; therefore, ask yourself questions like:

  • What is the most cost-effective solution (short and long term)?

  • Will my department's production be improved if I altered the teams' workload or schedule?  

As you can see, it will help you tremendously if you develop several solutions and options whenever possible. To help work through various options, share them with other people within the department (like those who are doing the work) as well as other department managers.  This will not only allow you to receive valuable feedback, but also feel your team empowered.

Executive Summary: Great management skills and techniques do not occur accidentally. They require constant refinement -refinement that comes with experience, training and mentoring. Increased productivity and efficiency will also motivate your team and they will enjoy the opportunity to provide feedback on your forward-thinking solutions.

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