Monday, September 10, 2012

Tip #407: 5 Ways To Help A New Employee

When a new employee gets hired at your organization, what does he or she experience? Have you gone through the employee orientation process at your company recently? If you want to help a new employee get up to speed faster (and prevent high turnover rates), you should consider revisiting the orientation process for new hires.

New Employees Feel Just As You Did.

Do you remember your first day of work at the company you are at right now? If so, you probably felt overwhelmed with paperwork, computer logins, remembering others' names and understanding who was who and what departments handled things. You were even probably wondering if you would be accepted as a quality employee.
Whether your company employs 5 or 5,000 employees, your organization can ease the transition for new hires. A facility tour and process overview is the best way to begin. Don't forget to point out the locations of emergency exits, bathrooms, water fountains and cafeterias.

Look At A New Employee As A Client.

You should treat a new employee as you would a customer, because, in essence, they are your internal customers. The sooner your new employees understand their general job duties, the sooner they will feel comfortable producing positive results for you.

Even something as simple as a welcome sign and introductory email can help new employees feel welcome. This will also encourage existing employees to welcome them.

Make A To-Do List Of Things To Get Done For A New Hire.

One of the best ways to ensure a positive transition for a new employee is to have a game plan or checklist outlining their progress. This is nothing more than a list of things that should be done to acclimate them to your organization. 

Your Action Items Should Include:

  • Organize Standard Personnel File Contents Such As:
    • o    Job Application Or Resume
    • o    Reference Checks
    • o    A Copy Of Any Professional Licenses, Driver's License Or Certifications Required For This Person's Job
    • o    Emergency Contact Information
  • Instruct New Employee To Complete Paperwork:
    • o    W-4 Form For Payroll Withholding; I-9 Form; Employment Eligibility Verification; Social Security Number
    • o    Additional Legal Paperwork Or Security Clearances
  • Give New Employees A Copy Of Your Employee Handbook
  • Review The Organization's Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment
  • If Appropriate, Give New Employees A Security Card Or A Company ID Card
  • Have New Employees Fill Out Their Health Insurance Benefit Coverage Election And Beneficiary Designation Forms

5 Ways To Help Transition A New Employee:

1. Awareness: Make sure your new employees know exactly how their job duties affect the team and organization.

2. Communication Skills: When communicating with new employees about their needs, be consistent with your verbal and written skills. Your ability to build solid relationships begins with your first interactions with them and continues to build from there.

3. HR Management: Strong human resource skills and policies go a long way for getting new employees on the right path.  Plus, it allows your new employees to feel permanently accepted and welcomed.

4. Professionalism: How you handle a new employee can mitigate your liability. Talk with an HR professional to get a better understanding of what you need to do to ensure your company's compliance. 

5. Team Welcome: Make introductions immediately. Ensure everyone goes out of their way to welcome a new employee. If you treat your new employees as part of the team from their first day, their value becomes immediately apparent. 

Executive Summary. Planning and delivering an effective new employee orientation is an effective way to limit turnover and increase new employee productivity. In addition to reducing start-up costs, it provides a warm welcome to integrate new employees into the organization's culture and improves employee loyalty and retention.  

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