Monday, January 21, 2013

Tip #426: 7 Skills To Help Create An Innovative Culture

Do you want your company to be the next industry leader? If so, your organization must cultivate creativity in the workplace. This involves encouraging your team members to be creative. And the more creative they are, they will provide you with new ideas and/or solutions.

The Invention Of Post-It® Notes Is The Quintessential Example Of Innovation.

The invention of Post-it® notes is the perfect example of innovation in the workplace. In 1968, a 3M scientist named Spencer Silver attempted to make a strong adhesive. Instead, he created a weak glue that failed to stick permanently. In the following years, fellow scientist Arthur Fry utilized the glue to temporarily affix page markers to his hymnal books. The 3M Post-it® note is now a $100 million dollar product.

The Next Spencer Silver Could Be On Your Team.

Believe it or not, the next Spencer Silver could be on your team, so don't lose out. Therefore, always try to develop group participation when it comes to ideas and problem solving. To help you create a more creative thinking environment, look for these seven qualities in your team members:

7 Innovative Qualities In Your Team Members.

1. Critical Thinking: Innovative thinkers don't simply accept things they way they are. Instead of dismissing this behavior as a disruption in authority, harness the power of it ­- innovators like Steve Jobs only succeeded because they did something drastically different from everyone else in their industries.

2. Decisiveness: Innovative thinkers can objectively assess ideas and processes, making improvements and adjustments as necessary. Firm decision-making skills are essential to the innovative process.

3. External Awareness: Innovative thinkers understand other viewpoints and remain up to date on the latest news, information and competitive and/or industry information.

4. Flexibility: When change occurs, innovative thinkers adapt quickly, embrace change, and provide additional suggestions to best implement changes in processes and procedures.

5. Grand Scope: Innovative thinkers have grand visions and large goals, and can work realistically to achieve these goals. Creative thinkers aren't afraid to brainstorm and share large-scale project ideas with the team.

6. Interpersonal Skills: Innovative thinkers understand that big ideas don't make themselves happen - they require the work of multiple people in most instances. The ideal creative thinker works with internal and external contacts to get the job done and also inspires others to contribute to their visions.

7. Results-Based Thinking: Innovative thinkers can embrace change because they are results-oriented. Additionally, innovative thinkers create change and encourage others to adapt in the interest of achieving a grand goal.

Executive Summary:If you want your organization to cultivate the next big product, idea or service, encourage your team members to attain these seven skills. Additionally, innovative thinkers get great satisfaction out of realizing their visions and remain extremely focused and committed to the process of innovation.
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