Monday, October 21, 2013

Tip #465: 5 Ways To Improve Your Employee Engagement Activities

Employee engagement is extremely beneficial to any type of business or organization. In fact, it is oftentimes a worthwhile investment as it improves profits and customers' opinions of your business.

71% Of Your Employees Are NOT Fully Engaged In Their Job.

With improved metrics and motivated employees, installing an employee engagement program is an obvious means of improvement - especially since 71% of your staff are not fully engaged in their job. However, establishing a true corporate culture that encourages employee engagement is something that takes time, effort and attention.

5 Ways To Improve Your Employee Engagement Activities.

Tip #1: Create Goals For Your Team - Help employees establish and follow specific paths to goals. If your job consisted of the same daily tasks and you did not see how they fit into the big picture, it would certainly hold less meaning. Additionally, create smaller goals or achievements to give your employees a sense of completion.

Tip #2: Demonstrate A Commitment To Employee Engagement - You can talk to your employees about engagement, but if an employee feels disengaged, he or she is not going to buy into it until you show a level of commitment. Employees and management must understand that employee engagement and the rewards associated with it go both ways and everyone must contribute. By the way, companies with engaged employees will out perform those without up to 202%.

Tip #3: Encourage Employee Feedback - It is possible that you have unsatisfied, disengaged employees who do not air their grievances to you, especially if you do not have an open door policy. Be sure to encourage active communication between yourself and your personnel. This also means providing regular feedback to each employee - and keep in mind that constructive criticism is easier for anyone to take once they have received consistent, positive feedback.

This includes not only formal one-on-one meetings, but informal feedback, such as a simple e-mail praising an employee's handling of a certain situation. If you notice an employee has gone above and beyond their required duties, praise them.

Tip #4: Identify The Best Means Of Motivation - Many employees are motivated by promotions and higher compensation. However, employees truly feel more engaged and part of the corporate process when given independence (especially in their own time management), the ability to become an expert in a specific area and the big-picture perspective - that is, understanding how their job improves the company overall. What can you do to allow employees to become autonomous experts who fit into the overall mission of the company?

Tip #5: Remove Your Staff's Frustrations - Can you list your employees' top three frustrations? Imagine encountering the same roadblocks over and over again. This could include a computer glitch that hasn't been fixed or a manager who never gives approvals. These roadblocks make employees feel as though their job is not important. Identify roadblocks and remove them to increase employee engagement and a sense of achievement.

Executive Summary: Remaining in touch with your employees is the key to true employee engagement. Each person matters - and every individual needs to feel as though his or her job is valued and appreciated. By removing roadblocks and providing an adequate motivation, your employees will become more engaged and you will see an increase in profit and customer satisfaction.

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