Monday, December 12, 2011

Tip #357: 5 Tips For Improving Your Leadership Skills

Regardless of whether you are a natural born leader or someone who developed their leadership skills through hard work, every leader should continue to strive to improve their skills. In the business world, change necessitates perpetual self-improvement and self-education. The active drive for self-improvement will pave the way to successful leadership.

A Disciplined Leader Is Often A Great Leader.

If you are already taking this tip seriously, then you are well on your way to becoming a better leader. Accomplishing your goal requires challenging your comfort zones, introducing new ideas and possibly even changing your attitude and the ways you are accustomed to handling things. So if you are truly dedicated to becoming a stronger leader, consider the five tips below.

5 Tips For Improving Your Leadership Skills.

Tip #1. Develop A Thorough Plan: Develop clearly defined and concisely outlined plan of goals and objectives. Use facts, data and means through which you intend to achieve those objectives.

Tip #2. Actively Motivate Employees: Revive your employee's motivation by keeping them informed and providing them with interesting challenges that keep them on their toes. Do not forget to offer positive feedback and praise so they feel proud of their work and give them the recognition they deserve. Studies have shown that many people are motivated more by giving them credit for their efforts than simply giving them a paycheck.

Tip #3. Lead Through Inclusivity: Do not expect your team to be mind readers, though a few may have strong intuitions about what you want or expect. Ultimately, the most successful leaders are the ones who extend their thoughts and purpose to those around them. This is at the core of fostering team unity.

Tip #4. Admit Failures And Weaknesses: Contrary to what some may think, admitting fault or weakness does not compromise a leader's strength or command. Mistakes are unavoidable. And no one person can excel at everything. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, our knowledge and our ignorance. Stubborn determination to be "right" in fear that being "wrong" compromises your intelligence will only hold you back.

Tip #5. Never Stop Striving To Learn More: There is a philosophy that we never stop being students. This is especially true of serious professionals and strong leaders - they are constantly playing the part of both the teacher and the student, self-educating by reading books and publications relevant to their career and their business. They also learn from professionals by conversing with them.

Executive Summary: Leadership skills are like a knife. The blade will not stay sharp on its own forever. It requires a conscious effort to hone and strengthen ones skills to maintain their edge. It involves altering ingrained attitudes, ideas and behaviors. But as we previously mentioned, everyone should constantly strive to improve themselves. This is especially true for the leaders, whether in business or elsewhere.

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