Monday, December 12, 2011

Tip #367: 9 Things A Customer Expects From You (After Buying From Your Business)

Once you have gained new customers, you will have to manage their expectations in order to keep them happy. Although managing new customers' expectation is not that difficult, it does take some time and effort by you and your employees to keep them happy.

Managing Expectations Begins With Knowing What The Customer Will Expect.

To help you with your current (and future) customer base, we have listed 9 key points to help you and your employees.
Read this article on how Disney exceeded one customer's expectations and the lesson we can learn from this.

1. People Want You To Show An Interest In Them: You need to not only know about their business but who they are and the things they like and enjoy.

2. People Want You To Respond FAST: Face it, your customers want their products and services yesterday, not tomorrow or 10 days from now. If you are slow, your customers will find someone else who can provide faster service.

3. People Want A Live Person To Be Available: Your customers want to know they can immediately reach a live person when there is a problem or question with your products or services. In addition, provide numerous ways for customers to reach you, including business phone, home phone, fax, e-mail, and cell phone.

4. People Want A Friendly Person To Talk To When They Call: No matter who talks with your customers, make sure that they are smiling on the phone - and yes, a customer can tell when they in fact do.

5. They Want You To Under-Promise And Over-Deliver: If you are over-promising and under-delivering on your products and services, we can assure you that your clients will NOT recommend you to someone they know.

6. People Want You To Help Them Solve A Problem: If a customer calls you with a particular problem, they want your help in solving it. Once you do that, you will find yourself with a huge base of customers.

7. Tell Your Customers "Yes, I can do that" Vs. "No, We Can't Do That:" Once you empower your staff to help your customers, you will find your employees not only happy but your customers, too.

8. Don't Nickel And Dime Your Customers: No matter what you sell, don't charge your customers for small or simple requests - it only makes you look cheap.

9. Your Customers Like To Hear You Say "Thank You For Your Business:" Whenever you have a chance, tell your customers "thank you for your business." The key is saying it with sincerity.

Executive Summary: How customers perceive your business is their reality - so take a step back and examine how you do business. Additionally, you may want to consider e-mailing a customer satisfaction survey to learn what you can do to improve your products and services. These surveys can also be a revenue generator for your business as they are a great venue for asking your client base this one magic question: What other products or services do you have an interest in learning more of: (then bullet list your products and or services).

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